Thursday, May 25, 2017

What team? WILDCATS

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Have you ever done something different, something that all your friends thought was weird at first, well I did and it was amazing and I'll never forget it. This year I tried out for my school musical/play "High School Musical" and I am really glad that I did. My drama teacher Ms. Foster made the experience even more great by giving me a pretty awesome role. I played as Zeke Baylor a basketball jock who likes to bake and has a crush on the star actress Sharpay Evans. The amount of time and effort that everyone that was included had put into it was amazing. At first I thought I was going to get a backup roll and I was fine with that but when I got a supporting roll I knew there was no turning back now and i gave it all I could and alot of people said we did awesome. I just want to thank everyone who supported me and all the new friends I have made. GO WILDCATS!

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  1. Hey Kid,

    Not kidding when I say that people thought you were terrific! So happy that you decided to take that risk. And so happy that you chose to celebrate it here!

    A few nudges:

    (1). It would have been really cool if you explained why doing this work was such a risk for you -- AND what you learned in the end from taking that risk. Did you meet new friends you would have otherwise never known? Did you get more comfortable in front of audiences? Did you improve your singing voice?

    Always turn posts into reflections of how you are different AFTER the experience than you were BEFORE the experience.

    (2). Proofread carefully: You've got one really long paragraph -- that needs to be broken into smaller paragraphs. Also, you have run on sentences that need to be broken into shorter sentences.

    (3). Use labels so you can search for posts again in the future! For example, this post could have had, "What I'm Proud Of" and "High School Musical" and "Drama" and "Play" and "Celebrations" as labels. Then, when you search in the future, you could have found all of those posts easily!

    Rock on,
    Mr. F