Monday, May 22, 2017

How to throw like a pro!


In this video Mack Strong a former NFL QB teaches you how to throw like a pro. He gives you tips and tricks on how the quarterbacks in the league throw the beautiful looking spirals. Right now I can throw a spiral but cannot throw very far and after practicing and watching this video again I believe I can be able to throw like a pro!

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  1. I love posts like this, Donnie, because they can become a great reference for you later. You can always come back to this and find it without having to search again. In a way, your portfolio becomes your very own "Google" full of stuff you've already found about things you are interested in.

    A nudge, though: I would LOVE to see you write about what you learned from the video. What's different about the tips given by the expert and the way you currently throw a football? How will you change your own throwing motion based on what you've learned?

    Remember that portfolios are also about reflection -- so do some reflecting in each post about how you will become a better learner as a result of whatever you are reflecting around.

    Rock on,
    Mr. F